When Your Investments Matter We Deliver 

No management fees

Our mission is to help create predictable income and profits on a consistent basis through strategic blockchain investments.

opportunities are hands-off and transparent, this is how it works: 

Stock Exchange
Step 1

Identify investment amount

We require a minimum of £2000 as s starting investment, and can work with  first time investors or people who are familiar with blockchain investments.

One Coin
Step 2

Locked for 6 months

The investment is only locked for the minimum of 6 months. During this time we charge £0 entry fee, £0 management fee and there are no on-going fees involved. 

Coin Manufacturing
Step 3

SMG Capital Investments will set up a third party trading app, called Blockfolio, for each investor to use with their own username and password. This allows all our clients to access their trading account, and to keep an eye on their investment in real time. 

Man Trying App
Step 4

After 6 months

At the end of 6 months we charge 30% of the profit (not the investment + profit, only  30% of the profit), then both the investment and profit can be withdrawn at no extra cost.

Stocks on a Screen

To give an instance

If you invest £5000 on 1st January, and we project 50% ROI in 6 months, on 1st July  you'll have £7500 on your account. We take £750 (30% commission off the £2500 profit) and you can withdraw £6750.